St. John the Theologian Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in America
Diocese of New York - New Jersey
2018 Lenten Retreat

Mr. Donald Nohs of the Society of the Holy Face of Jesus presented a fascinating account of the torture, death, and resurrection of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ as evidenced in one of Christianity's oldest relics, the sacred and Holy Shroud of Turin. All attendees were moved by the profound spiritual meaning found in the evidence of the Shroud. It was a fitting time to stop and reflect on the Lenten journey we are all now on that leads to the glorious Pascha of our Lord.


Negative view of the Shroud, front

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Negative view of the Shroud, front
Negative view of the Shroud, rear
Life-size linen reproduction of the Shroud
Demonstration of the wrapping of the body in the shroud
The demonstration showed how the wounds on the body were matched on the Shroud
A demonstration of the wrapping of the head napkin on the body

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