St. John the Theologian Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in America
Diocese of New York - New Jersey
Feast of Pentecost and Pentecost BBQ

May 31: Holy Pentecost! The most important feast day – except for Holy Pascha – of the church year will be celebrated with divine worship in the morning, at which we commemorate the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples 50 days after Pascha (and always on a Sunday), a time many refer to as “The Birthday of the Church."

In celebration of this Great Feast, our parish men's Brotherhood will be cooking up a great feast of our own: a BBQ fellowship featuring not only good food but music, games for children of all ages and lots of fun as we kick-off the "unofficial" start of a Long Island summer.

Learning a new Orthodox tradition: On Pentecost, Orthodox cut and bring to church that day leafy green branches and strew them all over the church floor (an Orthodox Pentecost tradition). It is meant to emphasize the “greening” or new growth of the newly born and emerging Body of Christ, the Church.

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