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Welcome to St. John\'s Bookstore!

A bookstore of special and significant titles is kept here at St. John's.  The bookstore is open whenever the Church is, especially before and after divine services.  You are most welcome to come in, take a look and even take a moment to browse through the selections and find the one that is right for you.  We are still constructing and adding to this portion of the website.  Thank you for your patience, and check back here often!

Raising Them Right
St. Theophan the Recluse
Saint Theophan, while from a different era and country, has an uncanny ability to communicate with modern Westerners. Raising Them Right provides both practical and spiritual insight into a variety of important areas, such as baptism, the spiritual and psychological development of children through their teens, and preserving God’s grace in a child’s life.  Paperback, 71 pages.  $6
Our Hearts' True Home
Edited by Virginia Nieuwsma
Our Hearts' True Home presents fourteen warm, inspiring stories of women coming into the Orthodox Faith. These women come from a variety of backgrounds, yet there is a common thread between them: no matter how they struggled, their journeys are infused with the love and mercy of God. paperback, 178 pages.  $13
Divine Energy: The Orthodox Path to Christian Victory
V. Rev. Jon Braun
Applies time-tested Orthodox spirituality to contemporary Christian living. A true “back to the basics” book which shows how Christians can fight and win the struggle against temptation, sin, and spiritual lethargy through the divine power of Christ’s Incarnation. Explains in easy-to-understand laymen’s terms basic theological truths, such as the three Persons and one nature of the Trinity.  162 pages.  $10
Becoming Orthodox
V. Rev. Peter Gillquist
The inspiring story of over two thousand evangelical Christians and their search for historic Christianity. This book is for evangelical Christians on their own search for the Church. It is also for Orthodox Christians looking for renewal. $14
Orthodoxy and Catholicsm - What's the Difference?
V. Rev. Theodore Pulcini

A former Roman Catholic chronicles his own journey into Orthodoxy, and examines the critical issues that influenced his decision, including papal authority, the filioque controversy, and the "new" dogmas. 24 page booklet. $4

The Unseen Warfare Series
V. Rev. Jack Sparks
This book draws upon several versions of a classic sixteenth-century treatise, Spiritual Combat, originally written to guide monks in their labors to attain union with God. The profound spiritual insights of Spiritual Combat were recognized by Eastern writers such as Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain and Saint Theophan the Recluse, who subsequently edited and revised it in accordance with traditional Orthodox beliefs. In one form or another, this work has been revered as a spiritual classic for over four hundred years!  The result is a profound but highly practical resource for those who seek to strive with all their might against the enemies of our souls—the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Study questions at the end of each chapter facilitate individual or small group study. Fully indexed.  Victory, Virtue, and Prayer form a three-part series on spiritual warfare. The three books are complementary in content, but do not overlap. Can be read separately or as a set.